Candy Crush-Let’s Know About The Number Of Levels In This Game?

Does anyone not know about the Candy Crush game? Well, I think everyone must have played such a game on their PC or mobile phones. The Facebook adaption was released internationally in October 2013, while the developers of candy crush delivered the versatile application for iOS and Android users during December. Therefore, the hype for the game was very high. You may have seen your friends playing it on their phones, or you may have been crazy about such a sensational game.

In this game, you will see numerous jellies and candies. You will score points if you collapse the similar types of jellies or candies on the left, right, upward, and downward. If you have played it, you must have questions about how many levels in candy crush are in your mind, so let me give you an answer.

How Many Levels Are There in Candy Crush?
Due to its simplicity in gameplay, anyone can understand it well and score more. This was quite an easy and mind-relaxing game which is among the reasons behind its hype among individuals.

If you are also a Candy Crush player, you might be curious to know how many levels there are in Candy Crush, so let’s break the suspense and give you the verdict. Candy Crush has more than 2000 levels as of January 2017 in the Android version. In addition, players may purchase exceptional activities to clear the levels quickly.

Candy Crush has 6830 levels available till November 2020. There is a chance that developers will add or include some more levels in future versions. The developers may plan to include more game levels in future years because of the love of people towards this game. I hope you may have known a lot about the game and its levels.

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